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Main Reasons Restaurants Catch on Fire

Fires are likely the main realistic disaster to possibly occur in a restaurant. On average, there’s 8,240 fires at restaurants per year, averaging 115 injuries, two civilian deaths, and over $245M in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association. If you wish to avail the fire damage cleanup services of One Team Restoration, […]

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Reasons to Turn Your Water Off When You Go on Vacation

For most people, going on vacation is an excellent feeling. But coming back home sometimes can mean post-vacation depression. Do not start off your journey home and find a disaster waiting for you when you get there. If you turn off the water when on vacation, you will save yourself from possible water damage and […]

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Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips

Here, we list 5 tips to prevent your pipes from bursting in the winter: Turn the Faucets on in Your House Turning your faucets on is among the most critical things to do to keep your pipes from freezing. You do not have to run the faucets at full water pressure. Aside from being wasteful, […]

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4 Benefits of Using Professional Demolition Services

In this post, we list four benefits of using a professional demolition team instead of attempting to remove those construction obstacles by yourself. Are you in need of demolition services in the Clayton, NC area? Get in touch with One Team Restoration right away for a no-obligation, free estimate at (919) 909-1096. Protection for Any […]

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Myth vs. Fact: 3 Misconceptions Concerning Equipment Losses

After catastrophic property losses to business-critical equipment, both business owners and claim professionals concentrate on restoring productivity as fast as possible. However, to do that, it is vital to ensure that you know all the options. There are a few misconceptions that surround equipment replacement, repair and damage of contaminated equipment, and reliability. For your […]

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Why Mold Is Bad for Your Home and Health

Mold is an organism that grows indoors and outdoors. Molds are common in homes and buildings. It grows in places that are damp and wet or in areas where there is a leak. Get rid of molds in your house by calling (919) 909-1096 and schedule an appointment today! The mold organism grows well in […]

fire incidence

Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover Fire Damage?

Usually, yes. However, you might have to invest in an extra home fire policy. Does My House Insurance Policy Cover Fire Damage? The majority of standard homeowners policies typically include some type of fire coverage. For example, your homeowners insurance might cover the expenses of repairs after a fire. While you are selecting an insurance […]

Estimating the Price of a Demolition Project

The average price to demolish a commercial structure in the U.S. is around $30,500. Below, One Team Restoration list factors that you should consider while determining the price of demolishing a building:   Square Footage  It is good if you measure the building’s square footage that is set to be demolished because the majority of […]

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Water Damage Restoration Services

Water causes immense destruction. When a pipe bursts or a drain overflows it can cause serious damage to your house. The fast response of water damage restoration service will help protect your home from further damage. If you want to avail water damage restoration services in Garner NC , One Team Restoration is ready to […]

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Do You Have Water Stains on the Ceiling?

The source of a stain is more than likely from a leak and it usually is from whatever is directly above the stain. Additional possibilities are a heating appliance, the roof, or faulty plumbing in which water seeped through the ceiling then evaporated—which leaves you with an ugly ring of mineral deposits. If you need […]