accummulated grease fire

Putting Out Grease Fires

You put  a frying pan that contains grease on the stove in preparation to saute vegetables or meats. As it starts to warm up your phone alerts you to a text message. You turn your back to check who your text is from. A few minutes later you look back at the stove and discover […]

flooded residential street

Stagnant Water Risks

Stagnant water is thought to be category three, black water. It may be the source of multiple microbial pathogens, which includes bacteria (E. coli and salmonella), viruses (rotavirus, hepatitis E), mold, and a variety of parasites. Many of the contaminants that are found within stagnant water are organic, so they offer a good source of […]

ashes on walls

What’s Hidden in Ash and Soot from a Fire Loss?

In the instance of smoke and fire remnants, there’s more than may be seen in what remains after such a loss. Soot comprises multiple elements and may be a factor in staining draperies, upholstery, carpets and other materials in a household. It’ll be very challenging to simply vacuum soot particles, because it tends to adhere […]

flooded office

How to Handle a Flooded Office?

It is a tragedy for companies to suffer flooding as it means closing down due to office damage. Besides the price of repairs, you’ll also need to consider lost income. As a result, it’s important to act fast to restore your company to full operation. The following measures will assist in restoring your office if […]

How to Outdoor Grill Safely

Around 8,800 house fires are sparked by outdoor grilling every year, according to National Fire Protection Association. Furthermore, almost 50% of all burn injuries that involve grills are caused by a thermal burn. That is why learning safe grilling tips is critical to keeping everybody safe during outdoor barbecues. In order to prevent burns while […]

damage kitchen flooring

5 Facts Regarding Commercial Water Damage

All commercial buildings are different, yet all are at risk for water damage. Even a small pipe or roof leak may lead to unwanted intrusion of water and negatively affect the value of your building. Here are five facts about water damage every business owner should know: Timeliness Is Important Once water damage threatens your […]

firefighter and house on fire

Steps to Take After a House Fire

Have you experienced a house fire recently? Even if the fire just affected a part of your house, it’s important to immediately start the process of restoration, and that you begin to prepare your home for recovery. Here are 6 steps to take after a house fire: If you are living near Garner, NC and […]

massive flooding

4 Predictions for this Year’s Hurricane Season

Here, One Team Restoration lists 4 predictions experts have made for the 2021 hurricane season: If you encountered troubles in managing water damage, contact One Team Restoration immediately at (919) 909-1096. The number of storms is expected to be well into the double digits The quantity of storms to expect for 2021 will once again […]

fire incidence

Main Reasons Restaurants Catch on Fire

Fires are likely the main realistic disaster to possibly occur in a restaurant. On average, there’s 8,240 fires at restaurants per year, averaging 115 injuries, two civilian deaths, and over $245M in property damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association. If you wish to avail the fire damage cleanup services of One Team Restoration, […]

bathroom remediation

Reasons to Turn Your Water Off When You Go on Vacation

For most people, going on vacation is an excellent feeling. But coming back home sometimes can mean post-vacation depression. Do not start off your journey home and find a disaster waiting for you when you get there. If you turn off the water when on vacation, you will save yourself from possible water damage and […]