Winter Fire Safety Tips

Candles, decorations, cooking, and heating all contribute to a higher risk of fire in the winter season. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), fires in homes happen more in the wintertime than during any other time. As the snowflakes begin falling and the temperatures dip, it is vital that you take the right steps to ensure that your home and family are protected from fire hazards in the winter months. burning wood


Be careful with your space heater

December, January, as well as February are peak times for heating fires. A space heater must be placed at least 3’ away from anything that is flammable, like tapestries, upholstered furniture, bedding or mattresses, and should be switched off once you go to sleep or leave the room. Also, never store clothes around or on the unit, and avoid covering the cord or putting anything on top of it. Also, have a 3’ kid-free zone that surrounds the space heaters.


Practice safety with candles

While burning candles for festive lights, keep them a minimum of 1’ from anything that is flammable, never leave candles unattended and situate them out of reach from kids. Make it a habit to check that every flame is extinguished before going to bed or leaving the room.


 Be safe in your kitchen

Cooking is the main cause of home injuries and home fires; therefore, it is vital that you know what to do to help keep family and friends safe as you entertain during the winter months. The number one cause of fires inside the kitchen is unattended ovens and stovetops. If you’re roasting, baking, or simmering food, regularly check it, stay in the kitchen and set a timer for reminders. While cooking for longer time periods, do not forget to use your vent or exhaust fan above the stove to help in preventing CO (carbon monoxide) from collecting within your house.


 Use caution when decorating

As holiday decorations come out of storage in the winter season, they’ll also come with possible fire hazards. Check all light strings for cracked or broken sockets, bare or frayed wires, or loose connections then throw away any damaged sets.


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