What Are The Other Types Of Mold

One Team Restoration is hopeful you are enjoying your summer.  It is finally getting nice outside, and we are certainly taking advantage of the warmer weather and longer days. woman looking at mold damage

We have talked with you previously about Black Mold and its dangers, but Black Mold is only one potential mold you can have taken foothold in your home.  We want to take this month and discuss a few other molds you are likely to see.  Remember: Leave mold removal to the professionals!

Alternaria – This mold can grow anywhere that is damp – showers and under sinks that leak.  Flood and other water damage can cause an infestation as well.  Exposure leads to allergy issues and asthmatic attacks.

Aspergillus – A common indoor mold, Aspergillus causes reactions, infections, and potential lung inflammation – hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Aureo basidium – This is often found on wood, wallpapers, and painted areas.  Window frames and caulking are also common locations.  This mold can range in color from pink to black and is one of the more allergies inducing molds.

Cladosporium – This mold is different because it likes cooler areas in addition to warm.  It can take hold on fabric like carpet, wood, and flooring.  Respiratory problems are common.

Fusarium – This mold grows at low temperatures as well.  Immuno-compromised individuals often are susceptible to Fusarium.

Penicillium – This is not the good penicillin that you get from the doctor.  This is a much more serious mold because it spreads quickly.  The colors are often blue/green.

Trichoderma – Damp carpet, wallpaper, and other wet locations.  The mycotoxins are like S. chatarum, Black Mold, so this is a serious problem.

Ulocladium – Another mold that easily triggers allergies, this mold needs more water than the other molds we see.

If you have any water damage of any kind and see mold, you need to contact One Team Restoration immediately.  We can come to your home and test for the specific mold before planning to treat it.

Mold is never something to leave lie.  It needs to be cleaned up quickly and completely.  It does not take much mold to gain a solid foothold in a home.