How Can One Team Restoration Help with Fire Damage?

residential fire damageWhether the result of a natural disaster or man-made, fires are more common than you would imagine. As a matter of fact, in 2019, fire departments responded to around 1.3M fires around the U.S., which resulted in millions of dollars of fire damage.

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A fire may completely destroy a building and render it uninhabitable. But in some cases, fire damage may be minimal. In fact, so minimal, that it might go unnoticed.

If you discover yourself facing any degree of fire damage, you should call a reputable property restoration provider to help out. At One Team Restoration, we’re able to help address all obvious and not-so-obvious indications of damage.

Here at One Team Restoration, our techs are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification). Our fire damage restoration involves:

• Removing all damaged elements from your house: That includes electrical outlets, wiring etc. If not taken out, they might likely reignite if someone tries to use them, which makes them hazardous.
• Removal of flooring: To assist in halting all probable collection of harmful dust, soot, or other components that might be considered a hazard after a fire.
• Assessing the structure of your building: Searching for all previously unseen damage to the framing or sub-flooring of your house. If damage exists and goes unchecked, it might cause the collapse of your flooring or even entire rooms of a house.
• Removal or restoration of damaged HVAC system: The HVAC system has the job of circulating the air in your house, and once it is compromised by fire damage, it might trigger the spread of possibly hazardous particles and cause a number of health complications.

One Team Restoration has one goal in mind as we enter a commercial property or home with any degree of fire damage: to restore it to its pre-damaged condition. We’ll stop at nothing to make sure that anyone who enters the property is safe from all hazards, no matter how insignificant or small it might seem.

If you or your home is impacted by a fire, call One Team Restoration’s fire cleanup restoration professionals in Garner, NC at (919) 909-1096.