How To Prevent Ice Dams

ice built on roofIce dams are ridges of ice forming at the corner of a roof and prevent melting snow from flowing off of the top. Here are 6 ways to prevent ice dams:

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1. Rake It Off: It’s possible to pull off snow using an aluminum, long-handled roof rake as you stay safely on the ground. Keep in mind, it is too risky to attempt to climb on the roof and rake the snow from the rooftop! Removing all of the snow will immediately change the outside temperature of the roof without having to damage shingles.

2. Use Heated Cables: A heated cable that attaches along the edge of the roof will assist in preventing ice dams which cause leaks and lift shingles. This option enables you to equalize the temperature of the roof by heating it from the exterior rather than blowing cold air in from the interior.

3. Ensure Adequate Ventilation: The roof must be vented both at the peak and at the eaves, either in the roof itself or through vents in the end walls of your home. Above the attic or ceiling insulation, the air space allows cool air to freely move, which keeps the roof cool and prevents the snow cover from melting.

4. Install an Ice and Snow Shield: There are many products available in the market that, once installed under the shingles of the roof, will cover the roof’s overhang and keep water from working its way inside your house. Those products are available on the internet and at hardware stores in your area.

5. Cap the Hatch: If there is an unsealed attic hatch, weather stripping caps keep the heat in the house and keep it from entering the attic. Keep in mind, you do not want hot air entering the attic and melting snow on your roof, which causes ice dams.

6. Exhaust to the Exterior: Make sure that all of the different ducts in your house connected to things such as the bathroom, kitchen, and dryer vents all lead outside through either the walls or roof, not through the soffit.

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