Q and A’s of Your First Visit From One Team Restoration

One Team Restoration’s staff has put together a series of Q & A, which will provide you a clearer picture of what you can expect from us once you get in touch with our office.

If you are living at Garner NC and you need professional water damage cleanup services, call One Team Restoration immediately at (919) 909-1096.

Do I need to call my insurance company?

If a storm or additional natural disaster flooded your house, insurance providers usually prefer that you get in touch with us before them. Therefore, if your house, basement, or place of business experienced a flood, immediately call One Team Restoration. We’ll get our trucks to your place as swiftly as we can, do an inspection, and with your authorization, begin to remove the water from your property. Along the way, we’ll work with the insurer to make a claim. We also will work with the insurance provider’s adjuster.

What is the process of water damage remediation?

Step one includes removing all of the water from the impacted area(s). When all water is extracted, our professionals will use cutting-edge dehumidifiers and additional tools to dry up all residual moisture and water to help fight the possibility of mold growth. The frame of time for this measure is never concrete since it all depends upon the extent of the water that is found on the premises. After we dry out everything, thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters are used to make sure that the space is really dry. We’ll take this additional measure to provide you peace of mind that you will not need to be concerned with mold developing in the future. In some instances, we might need to remove impacted drywall, deep clean furniture and carpets, fix flooring, clean the HVAC ducts out, or extract mold that we’ve found.

How long will the process of water restoration take?

There are two stages in the process of water damage restoration. In stage one, we conduct all demolition, drying, and cleaning tasks necessary to proceed. Usually, this stage takes 3 – 4 days, although it may take longer if there’s substantial damage. The next stage of the project involves repairs and fluctuates depending upon the extent of the damage. We have completed restorations where the second stage lasted a couple of days and other ones where they lasted for weeks; however, we will be certain to go over everything with you.


For more details on our water damage cleanup services in Garner NC contact One Team Restoration at (919) 909-1096.

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