Preventing Spontaneous Combustion

burning woodLike the majority of strategies for home protection, preventing spontaneous combustion will require a bit of caution and careful planning on the homeowner’s part. Here are some tips to follow:

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  • Always adhere to and read the directions and warnings that are printed on your staining, cleaning, and paint products, especially concerning storage.
  • Dispose of rags, brushes, and similar objects inside a container that is approved to be non-flammable. It’s also possible to place those items outdoors to permit them to dry.
  • Never toss used rags inside a bucket, and place paints and solvents away from appliances that produce heat such as furnaces and water heaters.
  • Store compost, mulch, and additional sources of “kindling” away from all buildings while tending to your garden.
  • If laundered clothes are soaked in a variety of flammable liquids, be certain to thoroughly clean the items. A standard wash cycle won’t always remove all the fluid. Drying those objects in a dryer at high heat might produce a fire.
  • Debris from sanding, in addition to filters and sanding equipment, always should be disposed of according to the directions provided by a manufacturer. Remove any sawdust or dust as fast as you can to prevent fire.
  • If you are storing flammable or oil-soaked products inside, be certain not to pile too many objects together or put them inside a confined area. Keep all flammable products away from heat sources, which includes windows and radiators.

If anything catches on fire in your house, including flammable furniture and rags, make sure that you know how to handle the problem. In the majority of cases, it is possible to douse the fire using water or cover it using sand and dirt if there’s a lot of oil present. Do not disturb the product until you’re certain the fire is out. Keep items outdoors and away from the remainder of the house even after they’re extinguished.

What if Spontaneous Combustion Occurs?

Prevention is important, yet even great care cannot always stop spontaneous combustion. If you or your home is impacted by spontaneous combustion, call our fire cleanup restoration professionals in Garner, NC at (919) 909-1096.