Putting Out Grease Fires

You put  a frying pan that contains grease on the stove in preparation to saute vegetables or meats. As it starts to warm up your phone alerts you to a text message. You turn your back to check who your text is from. A few minutes later you look back at the stove and discover that the frying pan’’s contents are on fire and burning pretty quickly. Black, thick smoke is swiftly filling the kitchen. How should you try to put out the grease fire?

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Begin by dialing 911. Even if you believe you can put out the fire by yourself, it’s vital that you receive professional help, just in case.

If you can, cover the frying pan using a large metal lid. If it’s possible to deprive the 911 it’ll go out by itself. Do not use a glass lid, as it might shatter because of the extreme heat from the fire. If the kitchen fire goes out, leave the lid on it until the pan cools down. Glancing in to look at the damage too soon might offer a new supply of oxygen and permit the fire to start up again.

One other option includes dousing the fire with salt or baking soda. Do not be concerned with making a mess, just pile it on. The damage that is caused by a fire is a lot worse than having to clean a pile of baking soda or salt. When trying to smother a grease fire, do not use baking powder or flour. Either one might explode in the flames rather than smothering it.

It might seem obvious, but the following thing to do includes turning off the source of heat. Whether you have an electric stove or a gas stove, in the “heat” of the moment you might not consider doing this.

If you own a Class B fire extinguisher it’s possible to aim it at the fire’s base to extinguish the fire.

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