Smart Home Items That Prevent Water Disasters

smart home mobile appTechnology is always changing the way we live. There are smart speakers available that are able to respond to our voices and perform tasks on our behalf, such as turning on music. However, intelligent devices do not only have the power to simplify our lives. The proper gadgets are able to protect you against fire and water disasters.

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Things such as smart gadgets and sensors in your house may protect you from things such as smoke, mold, flooding, and also the onset of unpredictable fires. From cameras to outlet systems accessed with a phone, there is something for every situation.

Let us go over a few of the impressive technologies to bring into your house to defend against water threats.

Flood Prevention and Smart Leak Detectors

Leaks and floods may be substantial sources of damage to a house. Oftentimes, what makes the threat of leaks worse is that you cannot always detect them right away. It permits the water to accumulate and produce damage as it expands. Smart water leak detectors are devices you may place between the various plumbing fixtures and pipes of your house, like bathtubs, toilets,  sinks, etc.

It’s possible to set the devices to automatically sound off an alarm or send out a notification to your phone if a leak starts, which means it’s possible to act quickly to alleviate the problem. You even can install a smart water shut-off valve that prevents floods when you aren’t in your home.

Some flood prevention and water leak devices are available with additional features such as keeping track of how much water is used on a daily basis. As a result, it’s possible to instantly detect if there is something wrong with the pipes before you notice proof of water damage. There even are devices in the market that help to check the levels of humidity in your house in order for you to detect mildew and mold early on.

Some water options to get include:

  • Automatic shut-off valves
  • Smart leak detectors for pipes
  • Flood detection systems

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