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Residential & Commercial Mold Removal

Proper remediation and removal of mold are critical to ensuring that mold spores do not get spread throughout your property. The professional mold removal team at One Team Restoration is trained and experienced in successful mold remediation and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to make sure mold is completely and safely removed. 

The mold remediation process includes filtrating the air in the affected areas then removing all of the mold and any objects infested with mold. Lastly, all contents that are located in the affected space and all belongings in that area are cleaned to ensure all mold particles are removed. We also work to prevent future mold growth. To do so, we have to determine the source and cause of mold growth. Mold often stems from a water damage situation like stormwater getting indoors, pipe leaks, or malfunctioning appliances.

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Why Is Mold Removal Necessary?

Mold is all around us thriving on moisture, both outdoors and indoors. Mold spreads by reproducing through airborne spores. These spores can lay dormant for years waiting until the right conditions for growth are presented.

Mold can seem to be invisible in your home until the right conditions arise. This is often after a storm, flood, or water disaster. It can also be caused by high humidity levels in your home.

Being in North Carolina, we suffer from high humidity at times, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow. When humid air comes in contact with cold surfaces, condensation is created since the cooler air is unable to hold as much moisture. This presents the ideal conditions for mold growth. 

Mold causes damage to your property, sometimes damaging it to a point that it is considered a health risk. Infants, the elderly and people with respiratory ailments can all suffer immensely breathing in mold-infested air. 

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