What’s Hidden in Ash and Soot from a Fire Loss?

ashes on wallsIn the instance of smoke and fire remnants, there’s more than may be seen in what remains after such a loss. Soot comprises multiple elements and may be a factor in staining draperies, upholstery, carpets and other materials in a household. It’ll be very challenging to simply vacuum soot particles, because it tends to adhere to materials and becomes difficult to remove as a do-it-yourself project. For that reason, highly experienced expert fire restoration cleaners should be called, to use the correct counter-agents to break up smoke molecules and smoke particulate to eliminate the smoke-associated residue and soot that is going to linger after a fire loss.

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Also there are other issues with the leftover byproducts from fires. Soot isn’t merely the ash that’s the leftover byproduct from a fire loss, yet also has something even more harmful – which is a possible deadly combination of particles, gasses, and chemicals characterized by particulate matter.

Such matter is a certain kind of air pollution that’s harmful to be exposed to or come into contact with after a fire. The particles are inherently toxic to ingest, touch, or breathe, and may lead to cancers in anyone who has extended exposure to them. Particulate matter that lingers after a fire may be in various sizes and shapes, and may be found in liquid droplets or solids that linger in the air after a fire. The majority of the particles are about 25 – 100 times thinner than one strand of hair, and they’re pretty much impossible to see with the naked eye. However, breathing in the elements may be harmful because it may cause severe respiratory problems.

Fire losses and smoke also can result in smoky smells that will stay in a room long after the fire. Expert fire restoration and fire damage cleanup technicians will use ozone treatments that break down smoke residue and particulate matter to decrease lingering smells in a room impacted by a fire loss.

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