What to Do After Fire Damage to Your Home

Fire restoration

A home is usually a major part of the foundation by which we build our lives. With that being said, the level of devastation which follows any damage to a house is thereby very reasonable. Here we list some do’s and don’ts of how to handle fire damage to your home:

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Create a list of all items you’ve lost

Those are the items you love and, while most folks do not plan on losing them, it is vital to keep an account of your possessions for that very reason. Keep notes, snap photos, and assist your insurance provider in helping you get back to how things once were as fast as possible.

Immediately call your insurance company

One other method of getting back on your feet as quickly as you can includes getting the ball rolling as fast as possible. Being that the majority of insurance policies require that you file a claim, meaning that you must make the first step.


Be reckless about what you take

Fire damage doesn’t end on a structural level. Grime and soot can settle on clothing, curtains and blankets. It’ll invade so much of what you have that you must be very careful while even considering removing things from a home which has been impacted by fire and smoke: both for insurance and health reasons. As a matter of fact, it may be best to just say, “Do not be reckless.” In the end, using a hands-off approach is the most useful for all people involved until they’re able to all enter the house and evaluate that damage together.

Do it yourself

Cleaning up without the assistance of an expert is harmful to your health and probably one step backward in your property’s recovery process. As stated before, unnecessary movement within the home must be avoided, yet cleaning even more so. Without the right knowledge or tools, even the best efforts may result in further contamination and danger.

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