Stagnant Water Risks

flooded residential streetStagnant water is thought to be category three, black water. It may be the source of multiple microbial pathogens, which includes bacteria (E. coli and salmonella), viruses (rotavirus, hepatitis E), mold, and a variety of parasites. Many of the contaminants that are found within stagnant water are organic, so they offer a good source of food for mold. Once clean water is involved, mold may start developing within three days. With contaminated stagnant water, the growth of mold may start in as little as one day. Also, stagnant water attracts insects and rodents that carry diseases.

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Also, it’s able to impact the structural integrity of a house. Once stagnant water soaks into the components of a building it may damage drywall, 2×4 studs, subfloors, wooden floor joists and perhaps also degrade concrete.

Stagnant Water: How to get rid of it

You ought to start the process of getting rid of stagnant water by pumping out as much as you can. Even though you might have the ability to pump out the water onto the lawn, it might be safer for everyone involved to capture the water then safely dispose of it at the water disposal center in your area.

After you pump out as much water as possible, all remaining pools of water should be vacuumed. A shop vac may be used yet a truck-mounted system or portable extractor is going to make the job a lot easier.

After as much of the water is extracted as possible, the impacted spaces require drying, disinfecting, and cleaning. Restorative drying is an important measure in finalizing the process of removal. If full drying is done there’s the likelihood of higher humidity levels that might still be there or any moisture which was absorbed into structural materials to still enable mold growth.

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