Smaller Problems That Can Lead To Bigger Water Damage Problems

water damage problemWith any residence, it’s common for small problems to occasionally sprout up. Problems such as water damage are among those common problems. The simplest method of reducing damage from water includes contacting water damage clean-up pros as soon as you see a water disaster in your house, no matter how small or big.

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Running Toilet

Typically, a running toilet just increases your water bill. However, in some cases, it may cause water damage. Usually, that’s when there’s already a leak in your toilet and the issue gets exacerbated by running water. Basically, there’d be some water damage at first then the consistently running water will increase the quantity of leaked water and cause more damage.

Old Pipes

It shouldn’t come as any surprise, yet your plumbing system is prone to damage, clogs, and stoppages. If a crack develops—even a crack as small as an ⅛”—it might dump huge quantities of water into your house. Watch for outward indications of moisture such as bulging, cracking, rusting and stains. If you are getting plumbing work performed or there’s a cut pipe for any reason, look for scale build-up.

Old Household Appliances

Appliances such as water heaters, refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers all use massive amounts of water; therefore even a minor malfunction may lead to a massive leak. Be certain to regularly inspect all appliances (especially if they’re old) for any possible malfunctions or leaks.

A Deteriorating Roof

Be certain you’re regularly checking your roof. If you have a pond up there, the drainage is not working efficiently. Remember that every inch of water will weigh in at about 5 lbs. Over a period of time, it may cause a lot of strain and lead to a leak. If the roof is more than 10 years old, you ought to give it special attention and be ready to put in new shingles if necessary.

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