Water Damage Restoration Fuquay-Varina

Our team is eligible to demolish, recover, remove, rebuild, renovate, or remediate your damaged structure/property issue. Our goal includes maintaining our reputation in this industry and providing superior customer service.

Water Damage Cleanup in Fuquay-Varina

gmb one team imageOne Team Restoration is the Fuquay-Varina water damage cleanup company you should call. Once you’re handling water damage, instant action is critical. Water damage might be a result of storm damage or broken pipe. One Team Restoration immediately responds to all water removal needed using advanced techniques and equipment that quickly removes the water to any commercial or residential property. We’ll closely document and monitor the process of drying to check that your property is properly dried. We’re committed to immediately responding to water removal needed or any associated emergency. A quick reaction limits further damage, lessens the damage, and decreases cost.

Water Damage Remediation Company Fuquay-Varina

Victim Assistance

After you’ve reported your loss details to one of our water restoration experts, your designated One Team Restoration Project Manager will call you and be at your location within one hour to evaluate the damage. It isn’t necessary to talk to your insurance provider before the first inspection. After your first inspection, if a claim is needed, your Project Manager will assist you in calling and filing a claim with your insurance provider.

Documentation of the Loss

We carefully document with notes, moisture readings, and photographs into our project management software from the point of the first inspection to the last day of drying. Moisture readings are recorded on a routine basis. We extensively document and will share our moisture readings, notes, and photographs with you and the insurance provider. Don’t have a plumber, yourself, or anyone toss out or remove the source of the loss (failed water heater, cracked pipe, etc.) from your property – it’s important for us to document!

Water Extraction

At One Team Restoration, we always dry before we demolish, when possible. Immediately removing water through extraction, along with our arsenal of drying equipment and experienced team; enables us to be creative, as well as lessen the necessity of demolition to your home.

Advanced Drying

We’re constantly training, researching, as well as updating our equipment for more efficient methods of mitigating water. From our team’s thermal cameras that are able to view moisture behind the walls to our floor mats that are combined with thermal heat, in which we are able to remove water from under your new hardwood floors without having to tear up the floor. Our mission includes keeping you in your house, avoiding demolition when feasible, and speeding up the recovery process as fast as possible.

Wrap Up

All throughout the process of mitigation, we’ll use our in-depth documentation to put together a scope of work and the Project Manager will submit their estimate of work done with the necessary insurance paperwork directly to the insurance provider. During the Project Manager’s last steps stated above, our certified water technicians and Crew Chiefs will be taking their last moisture readings and picking up all of the drying equipment from your home. One last walk-through with a designated Project Manager or Crew Chief to your job is going to take place on the day of equipment pick up so we can address all concerns and provide us feedback about how we may continually improve our workmanship. At any point in the process of water mitigation, our renovation services may be discussed with your designated Project Manager and they’ll direct you to the Renovations Department.

Flood Cleanup/Flood Restoration in Fuquay-Varina

With the rise in personal property damage and structural damage brought about by frozen pipes, broken supply lines, toilet and sink overflows, dishwasher problems, burst water heaters, sump pump back-ups, serious storms, and the devastating aftermath of hurricanes; we have seen an influx of individuals just investing in some drying equipment off of a store shelf at the local supermarket or DIY facility then advertise themselves as a company offering water damage cleanup and even worse, deodorization.

The difference is the commitment, we have continuously refined our Fuquay- Varina water damage services and the restoration of your business or home based on the hundreds of claims that are completed.

As a water restoration company providing Fuquay-Varina water damage offerings on an emergency basis, we committed ourselves to being there for you 24 hours a day and are always right around the corner to provide Fuquay -Varina water damage services.

Are you on the lookout for water damage remediation professionals near me?

Fuquay-Varina water damage cleanup, storm cleanup, and remediation services serving your area are available 24/7 as an emergency service. You can rest assured that if you need a professional who is available at 2 am, your phone call is going to be answered, and service is going to be on the way.

We take a lot of pride in that our emergency response and Fuquay-Varina water damage restoration services are reviewed and ranked highly by our clients and relationships that are built over time, and throughout the area and surrounding areas.

water damage restoration equipmentWhether it is flooding that is caused by blizzards, heavy rain, tornadoes, or more, One Team Restoration has you covered. Natural disasters may be devastating to neighborhoods and cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage to commercial properties and homes. If a disaster hits you in the Fuquay-Varina area, and your property must be repaired, you should act quickly.

One Team Restoration has expertise in restoring houses impacted by flooding and storms. We‘re able to immediately respond with highly trained techs who use specialized techniques and equipment that restores your business or home back to pre-storm shape.

Commercial Fire and Water Damage Cleanup

damage bathroom wallFire damage can be particularly devastating for a commercial property or business. Besides the smoke and fire damage, substantial water damage from fire suppression systems and firefighting efforts might occur. Each hour spent restoring a business back to pre-fire shape is an hour of lost productivity and revenue. If your company suffers a fire loss, contact the water and fire damage restoration professionals and we will immediately respond to get you back on track.

One Team Restoration is the commercial water damage cleanup company to call. There never is a convenient time for commercial water damage or flooding to hit your business. Each hour spent cleaning is an hour of lost productivity and revenue. Therefore, once emergency circumstances arise in your business, call us and we will arrive quickly with the help needed.

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