Water Damage Restoration Apex NC

Water Damage Cleanup

In the case of storm damage, pipe breaks or appliance failures around or in your home, One Team Restoration is there to rapidly remove the water, as well as minimize any damage. gmb one team image

Some folks underestimate the damage water may cause in parts of their property in which water isn’t meant to be. There often is a misconception that a couple of inches of water in the living room is not much; however, realistically, this “little” bit of water may create a devastating quantity of damage.

There’ve been instances in which a tiny bit of water caused damage that amounted to upwards of a couple of thousand dollars, especially because they did not immediately contact water damage cleanup professionals for help.

One Team Restoration of Apex, NC is a local, 24/7 disaster recovery service for your business or home for any kind of water damage disaster. We have offices in Apex, NC that allow us to rapidly respond to any kind of water damage disaster. Our IICRC certified technicians will quickly arrive to extract water and start drying out your home. We have the industry’s most advanced water restoration equipment that minimizes further damage to your home or office. Our water damage remediation business is so committed to bringing you the best service that we’ve taken the time to be fully insured, bonded, and licensed. Our contractors are IICRC certified: which is the highest certification in the industry. We’re available to help you extract water damage from any situation that occurred in your house, and we take great pride in our work.

Water Damage Restoration

One Team Restoration is ready to recover from any level of water damage, whether it’s a water stain on the ceiling, a fridge line that leaked across the hardwoods, the bathtub that your son left running, or the damage resulting after the toilet backed up. Also, we provide water damage repair, emergency water damage restoration, water damage reconstruction, water damage cleanup, as well as water damage mitigation services.

Storm Cleanup

Natural disasters and severe thunderstorms may plow through our neighborhoods and leave behind destruction. Severe thunderstorms, wind, hail, tornadoes, lightning, ice storms, and hurricanes are responsible for water damage, fires, roof damage, as well as exterior and interior structural damage. Our storm damage cleanup team is available around the clock, 7 days per week to reply to your emergency.

Flood Cleanup/Flood Restoration

map of apex ncNo one really wants to come home and find that water invaded their house. The pros at One Team Restoration of Apex, NC do everything humanly possible to help communities with those emergencies. We also can assist with daily maintenance and minor repairs. You won’t regret using our services to achieve your goals. We’ll do everything we can to give you the best service. Our stellar reputation comes second only to meeting and exceeding your needs. With those goals, our water damage clean-up business offers the best possible service.

At One Team Restoration, your phone call is going to result in a customized step-by-step strategy that is created by our water remediation service pros. As soon as your authority is granted, work will start on your project. Our storm damage restoration techs will work efficiently and quickly to fix any damage that is done. When you put your trust into One Team Restoration to get the job done, you’re in great hands.

As you get in touch with One Team Restoration in Apex, NC, you may rest assured that you’ll deal with high-quality professionals. All our teams have earned their IICRC Certification to uphold the highest safety standards. As aforementioned, we’re insured, bonded, and licensed. If you need more than just our word, we provide referrals and testimonials from prior customers and maintain a great standing with a variety of business accreditation businesses.

The contractors at One Team Restoration have the professional water damage services needed for flood damage, leaks, and sewage backup clean-up in Apex, NC. Our crew can deal with leaking pipes, leaky ceilings, appliance leaks, and additional water leaks in your business or home, and will offer all the water damage reconstruction, water damage cleanup, and water damage mitigation services needed. Scroll down further to learn more information about our water damage services. Whatever your emergency water restoration needs, One Team Restoration has solutions, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Residential Water Restoration Services in Apex, North Carolina 

Once disaster hits, One Team Restoration is here for you in Apex, North Carolina. We’re the area specialists for water damage repair offering services for flood damage, ceiling leaks, pipe bursts, sewage backups, and other emergency water damage services. Also, we handle storm cleanup, flood cleanup, as well as flood restoration. Once you get in touch with us for residential water restoration services, we react no matter what time of the day or night it is, arriving swiftly to your residence to offer the restoration, repair, and cleanup services needed. For professional residential water restoration services in Apex, North Carolina, and surrounding areas, get in touch with One Team Restoration.

Commercial Water Restoration Services in Apex, North Carolina

One Team Restoration is also available for business owners. Our commercial water restoration services in Apex, NC are specially geared toward commercial structures that have suffered storm, flood, and water damage. Similar to our residential services, we’re here 24 hours a day to offer the commercial water restoration services in Apex, NC that you need. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year when you suffer storm, flood, and water damage, and allow One Team Restoration to get your business up and running again.

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