Reasons to Turn Your Water Off When You Go on Vacation

bathroom remediationFor most people, going on vacation is an excellent feeling. But coming back home sometimes can mean post-vacation depression. Do not start off your journey home and find a disaster waiting for you when you get there. If you turn off the water when on vacation, you will save yourself from possible water damage and the necessary process of clean-up when you arrive home.

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Pipes Might Freeze

One reason you would want to shut off the water when on vacation during the cool months is to relieve frozen pipes. If you aren’t home for a prolonged time period, even just a weekend, the pipes will not get an opportunity to heat up for dishes, showers, and other day-to-day uses. It might lead to pipes freezing over, particularly in regions in which the evenings are substantially cooler than the already cool winter days.

Flooding When No One Is Home

If there isn’t anyone home and pipe bursts result in a flood, the water damage might be exponential by the time you arrive home. Flooding for a couple of minutes versus flooding for multiple days might mean the difference between water damage, and complete property loss.

Safeguard your home and cherished possessions by shutting off the water before leaving for vacation. It’ll ensure that the water will not be the source of heartache upon your return.

Leaks Might Cost You Money

If you arrive home to extensive water damage, you will probably have to dip into your emergency fund. What the majority of folks do not consider is that minor leaks add up over a period of time and may cost as much as major water damage disasters.

Shut off the water at the main to assist in stopping any existing drips or leaks while you are gone. This also will keep new leaks from forming while you aren’t there to observe your water consumption and water pressure.

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