Myth vs. Fact: 3 Misconceptions Concerning Equipment Losses

fire and equipment losses

After catastrophic property losses to business-critical equipment, both business owners and claim professionals concentrate on restoring productivity as fast as possible. However, to do that, it is vital to ensure that you know all the options. There are a few misconceptions that surround equipment replacement, repair and damage of contaminated equipment, and reliability.

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Every manufacturer condemns equipment if contaminated by smoke or water

Myth: Replacing equipment that is contaminated by smoke or water may be very expensive. Manufacturers know that the business-critical equipment loss may catastrophically affect productivity and operations. For years, top equipment manufacturers have endorsed and performed scientific technical, reputable reconditioning methods after smoke or water incidents. Expert equipment restoration businesses offer warranties, in addition to the ones offered by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), backing the equipment’s cleanliness after the process of decontamination.

If electronics aren’t hit directly by water, they’ll dry when the structure is drying

Myth: Electronics must be dried inside a controlled environment. Typically, facility contractors place heaters, fans, and dehumidifiers in a building to dry the structure and control the moisture, which also has probably been “opened and aired out,” which allows more environmental debris to get into the property. If electronics haven’t been opened or treated using any kind of agent to prevent more damage, all of the above may further endanger the items. Impacted equipment must be identified and correctly stabilized in order to prevent the beginning of damage, like corrosion.

Electronic Circuit Boards will become destroyed if contaminated with water

Myth: Most electronic circuit boards are usually decontaminated by Original Equipment Manufacturers using de-ionized water along with cleaning solutions. After the cleaning, most circuit boards are safeguarded using conformal coating. Expert equipment restoration professionals mirror the Original Equipment Manufacturers cleaning processes inside the field while removing contaminants. Doing that makes sure that the circuit boards meet their initial cleanliness specification, which in the majority of cases is a lot stricter than the required cleanliness at an end user’s facility.

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