How to Outdoor Grill Safely

fire incidenceAround 8,800 house fires are sparked by outdoor grilling every year, according to National Fire Protection Association. Furthermore, almost 50% of all burn injuries that involve grills are caused by a thermal burn. That is why learning safe grilling tips is critical to keeping everybody safe during outdoor barbecues.

In order to prevent burns while grilling, place your grill 10’ away from buildings and keep your grill free of grease. Also, regularly check for any gas leaks and keep an extinguisher or water close by. You never should turn the gas on with its lid shut, cook too much meat at one time, or leave your grill unattended. Learn more safe grilling tips below.


  • Leave your grill unattended. In the event that a grill catches on fire, an adult must be around to quickly extinguish it. Every minute, fires may double in size.
  • Turn the gas on with the lid shut. If there is any gas lodged underneath the lid, it instantly will turn to a fireball that may produce severe burn injuries.
  • Permit pets and small children to hang around the grilling area.


  • Keep a fire extinguisher and water available. Grilling involves fire, so there’s always a risk for small flare-ups; therefore, you ought to have something to extinguish a fire with.
  • Regularly check for propane or gas leaks. Create a mixture with 1 part dish soap and 1 part water and apply it to the line which connects your grill to your gas tank. If bubbles sprout up on the line once you turn the gas on, immediately have your grill serviced
  • Maintain your grill by cleaning the fat or grease buildup after each use. Doing so not just reduces the fire risk but additionally assists in helping the barbecue cook better.
  • Keep your grill at least 10’ away from buildings, like the porch or garage, and out from underneath leaves and tree branches. The farther away from buildings, the lower the fire risk.

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