How to Handle a Flooded Office?

flooded officeIt is a tragedy for companies to suffer flooding as it means closing down due to office damage. Besides the price of repairs, you’ll also need to consider lost income. As a result, it’s important to act fast to restore your company to full operation. The following measures will assist in restoring your office if it’s underwater.

Put Safety First 

Whenever you’re faced with a crisis event like this, safety must always come first. Within a flood scenario, electrical devices will pose the highest threat; therefore, first shut off the power to the building. If you can, do not turn on lights or electrical devices. Be alert to your surroundings then proceed with care as you navigate the building. For example, keep a safe distance from any sagging ceilings and don’t directly walk underneath them. Don’t use electrical appliances as you stand on damp surfaces.

Turn Off Water Supply 

As soon as possible, the water supply should be turned off when there’s a leak producing a flood. The majority of water supply valves are situated outside a building and need a key to work. The valve key must be kept within an accessible area so that you’re prepared if a flood happens.

Salvage Anything Possible 

When the water has been turned off and the building is secure, you must attempt to salvage anything that isn’t yet damaged. Remember that all electrical equipment must be left untouched. Before water damage happens, remove objects such as documents around the office, furniture, and pictures and paintings hanging on your walls. The objects must be taken outdoors to dry. You can’t fix the majority of office items, yet anything that may be saved will assist you in saving money if you renovate your office again.

Contact A Restoration Provider 

Burst pipe water or stormwater removal must be handled by an expert. As soon as possible, the water should be pumped out before more damage happens. The sooner you contact a water damage cleanup professional in Garner NC like One Team Restoration to extract the water, the less damage is going to be done and the quicker the office may be repaired and your company reopened.