Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips

Frozen Pipe

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Here, we list 5 tips to prevent your pipes from bursting in the winter:

Turn the Faucets on in Your House

Turning your faucets on is among the most critical things to do to keep your pipes from freezing. You do not have to run the faucets at full water pressure. Aside from being wasteful, it isn’t any good for the water bill. However, running water does not turn into ice as easily as standing water will; therefore, even allowing the faucet to trickle slowly will go a long way in preventing freezing pipes.

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Keep the Pipes Insulated

Exposed pipes are a lot more likely to freeze than pipes which are correctly insulated. In cooler areas, such as the Northern states, exposed pipes are not as common. Pipes alongside an exterior wall are usually inside the insulation and are protected from harsh weather elements. However, even in the South, it might dip below freezing, and your house might not be built to safeguard the water lines. Learn which pipes are insulated, and which aren’t.

Direct Hot Air to the Pipes

Pipes alongside outside walls or in cool areas might not receive the hot air needed to keep them protected. Use the central heating to carefully and strategically prevent your pipes from freezing.

Disconnect the Hoses

Your exterior faucets might freeze over, as well. However, if you disconnect the hose, it ought to be easier for the water to drain out of the hose bib. This reduces the risk of destruction from freezing. Make sure that you cover your exterior faucet using faucet covers made to assist in insulating it and protecting from freezing.

Keep Your House Warm

Just as you strategically direct heat to the pipes, it also is important that you keep the house warm overall. Search for possible leaks which allow cool air into the house. Those leaks might exist around your dryer vents, electrical wiring, or pipes—any location that your house is exposed to the outdoors. You might have the ability to seal those leaks with insulation or caulk.

Once you experience water damage from frozen pipes, it is better to contact the professionals.

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