Estimating the Price of a Demolition Project

The average price to demolish a commercial structure in the U.S. is around $30,500. Below, One Team Restoration list factors that you should consider while determining the price of demolishing a building:

Square Footage 

It is good if you measure the building’s square footage that is set to be demolished because the majority of the expenses related to demolition jobs are charged by the square foot. If a building you need to demolish is square-shaped or rectangle-shaped, measure it with a tape measure or laser.

After you measure the width and length of the commercial structure, multiply them together. The average price to demolish a building is between $4 to $8/ square foot. Remember that this expense may increase or decrease depending upon the square footage. The price of demolishing a building lowers with an increase in square footage.


It is more money to demolish a structure that has asbestos. That’s because the asbestos must be removed by experts before the structure can be demolished. Search for experts to inspect the building before you demolish it. Those structures constructed in the ‘80s or earlier are more than likely to contain asbestos or other toxic materials as the construction sector utilized asbestos in the ‘80s and earlier.

Asbestos is mainly found in floor tiles, cement sheet, millboard, steam pipes, insulation that surrounds furnaces, boilers, etc. Hire a professional, reputable asbestos inspector that can inspect your building before you get it demolished. If an inspector discovers hazardous substances, it’s good to have them removed.

The EPA offers guidelines that ensure the safe and proper elimination of asbestos. The price of eliminating asbestos ranges from $2 to $3/ square foot. It’s a great idea to get an estimate of the price to remove and dispose of asbestos from the abatement expert.

Licenses, Permits and Additional Policies

Make sure to obtain licenses, permits, and additional policies before you demolish the building. Inform utility businesses that you’re prepared to demolish your building. The average price of permits is $200.

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