Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover Fire Damage?

fire damage

Usually, yes. However, you might have to invest in an extra home fire policy.

Does My House Insurance Policy Cover Fire Damage?

The majority of standard homeowners policies typically include some type of fire coverage. For example, your homeowners insurance might cover the expenses of repairs after a fire.

While you are selecting an insurance plan, the provider may work with you to tailor your coverage limit – that is the maximum quantity of money the provider might pay out for specific damages.

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Check the terms of your homeowners policy. Do not assume something is going to be covered simply because you have an insurance policy.

Here is a rough idea of what a standard homeowners insurance policy usually covers in case of a fire:

  • Living costs. If your house is unlivable after a fire occurs, the insurance provider might cover hotel and food expenses for a little while.
  • Landscaping expenses. If bushes or trees experienced fire damage, the insurance might help cover the price of landscaping those spaces or reimburse you for these damaged features.
  • Replacing or repairing valuables inside the home.
  • Repairs to your house and all detached buildings on your property. This includes fences, sheds, detached garages, and outbuildings.

What Is Not Covered by a Homeowners Insurance Policy

Fire coverage is oftentimes situational. Some circumstances aren’t usually covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. They include:

  • Vacant properties. Speak with the insurance company to learn information about how they define vacant properties and whether the property falls under this definition. For example, if your house has been vacant for a while, it might not be covered.
  • Vandalism or arson that is committed by a property owner or other occupants. If there are questions concerning the intentions of a property owner, the insurance provider might be hesitant to pay after a fire.
  • Wildfires, depending upon where you live. Verify the policy to figure out if wildfire damage gets covered or not. If you reside in a high-risk region, the insurance provider might not cover such damage. It’s possible to buy separate insurance plans for wildfire coverage.

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