Do You Have Water Stains on the Ceiling?

Water Damage RemediationThe source of a stain is more than likely from a leak and it usually is from whatever is directly above the stain. Additional possibilities are a heating appliance, the roof, or faulty plumbing in which water seeped through the ceiling then evaporated—which leaves you with an ugly ring of mineral deposits.

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The Roof

Crumbling and old shingles, as well as weakened seals surrounding the roof vents may permit water from snow or rain to enter your house. If you see this on the roof, immediately make repairs and check the weatherproofing material which was put in on the roof; when that’s compromised, it also can enable water to enter through.

Pipes, Radiator, Shower Pan, and Caulking

If your pipes, radiator, shower pan, or caulking begin deteriorating, it might be a major issue. For example, caulking inside of a shower should last around 10 years. If you have owned your house longer than that and the house still has its original caulking, you might want to visit the hardware store in your area and get some.

Concerning shower pans, plastic pans deteriorate more quickly than concrete pans. In order to verify if the shower pan is the cause of the leak, look at the subfloor beneath. That’s the fun part – crawl beneath your house and look at the floor joists. Major leaks can be seen because they’ll spread outward and soak all adjoining spaces, like walls on a nearby room, or drip down toward the next level.

Depending upon the radiator you own, the leak might be deriving from a fitting, a valve, vents, or worn and rusted joints.

In addition, check the pipes above the stain. It isn’t uncommon for water to go along piping or rafters before dropping onto the ceiling, hiding the real source of the issue.

When you find the leak’s cause, it’s possible to choose to make the needed repairs on your own, or you can opt to enlist assistance from an expert.

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