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flooded commercial area

When disaster hits and your residential or commercial property is destroyed, you’ll have to have a full-service contractor to arrive and handle the cleanup. When you are not certain who you should turn to or what you should do, it’s possible to rely on the crew at One Team Restoration to help.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Smoke and fire damage may render your house inhabitable. However, One Team Restoration has years of expertise in fire damage cleanup and smoke damage cleanup, allowing us to renew your house to its prior condition.

Water Damage Cleanup

In the case of storm damage, pipe breaks or appliance failures around or in your home, One Team Restoration is there to rapidly remove the water, as well as minimize any damage.

Some folks underestimate the damage water may cause in parts of their property in which water isn’t meant to be. There often is a misconception that a couple of inches of water in the living room is not much; however, realistically, this “little” bit of water may create a devastating quantity of damage.

There’ve been instances in which a tiny bit of water caused damage that amounted to upwards of a couple of thousand dollars, especially because they did not immediately contact water damage cleanup professionals for help.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Has your commercial property or home been damaged by a burst pipe, flood, or any other kind of water-associated disaster? It’s possible to count on the skilled team here at One Team Restoration to show up swiftly, inspect and evaluate the damage, and get working on the restoration. We even provide around-the-clock cleanup services and will arrive in the middle of the night, on the weekend, or any additional time outside of regular business hours.

Mold Cleanup

If there’s a presence of mold inside your home, it’s important that you get it professionally removed as soon as you can. Contact One Team Restoration in Apex, NC to safely and quickly remove the mold and make sure you and loved one’s are safe.

Mold is one common issue related to flooding and leaks; furthermore, the growth of mold may cause damage to your property, as well as the valuables within. Addressing a problem with mold as soon as you see it is the ideal method of preventing damage from spreading and restoring the safety and appearance of your commercial or residential property. One Team Restoration provides effective, fast mold cleanup in Apex, NC as a part of our full cleanup services for businesses and homes which have sustained damage from fires and flooding.

Commercial Fire and Water Damage Cleanup

Suffering a fire in your workplace may be a very traumatic event. Smoke removal and fire damage cleanup is a complicated job that only should be done by an expert fire damage cleanup company.
Once construction materials like solvents and glue burn, toxic gases get released. They may be very dangerous and must be handled with extreme care.

For more information on any of our services please feel free to contact One Team Restoration in Apex, NC today at (919) 909-1096.