5 Facts Regarding Commercial Water Damage

damage kitchen flooringAll commercial buildings are different, yet all are at risk for water damage. Even a small pipe or roof leak may lead to unwanted intrusion of water and negatively affect the value of your building. Here are five facts about water damage every business owner should know:

Timeliness Is Important

Once water damage threatens your building, knowing how to deal with the situation in a timely way will make all the difference. If you understand the basics of what to do when it happens, it’s possible to prevent more damage.

Removal is the Best Approach to Mitigating Damage

If not immediately cared for, excessive water may lead to expensive damage to the structure of your building. A skilled water restoration company such as One Team Restoration knows how to decrease the quantity of water damage that occurs after a flood, major leak, or additional problem arises. Employing an expert company to remove all water assists in ensuring that even hidden moisture beneath flooring or inside the walls is removed properly.

Various Materials Require Various Cleaning Methods

After water damage, materials such as hard surfaces and concrete might be salvageable, while other ones like cellulose insulation and ceiling tiles might have to be fully discarded. You can learn more information on mold prevention and water damage procedures for various kinds of materials with these EPA guidelines here.

Problems Might Not End Once the Water is Gone

Even after the water is extracted, moisture may hide underneath floors and in walls, ultimately leading to the growth of mold. It is vital that you have a mold prevention expert inspect your structure to ensure mold is not spreading or growing on your property.

Mold May Quickly Grow 

When water damage has happened, mold may develop in around 24 – 48 hours. Humid conditions, moisture, and excess water must be cared for immediately to decrease the risk of mold growth.

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